Jake Dudman and famed Tom Baker impersonator, star of BBC's comedy show Dead Ringers Jon Culshaw have teamed up to recreate - and add to - an iconic scene from the 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor.

Jon Culshaw exclusively told DoctorWho.TV:

"I'd caught Jake's Matt Smith impression on YouTube and thought it was simply superb, it brought to mind the Curator Scene with Tom Baker from the 50th, and I thought, we've just got to do something with that! Simply the joy of recreating the scene but also to add a sort of second chapter to it...

Jake then got in touch with me fortuitously about something entirely different - an interview for the film Jake had been making for Save the Rhino. It was there we had chance to talk about a Curator recreation. It snowballed from there.

The Dead Ringers director Jonathan Gershfield was delighted to step onboard. Was great to work with Jonathan again. Paul Vanezis from The Sky at Night and Stargazing Livejoined us too.

We hired a TARDIS, booked a studio, rented a square of lino and we were off. The brilliant scenic artist Michael May created the painting and the Curator scene was all set."

Watch the fantastic scene in the player below.