"Save The Rhino Vietnam" was a T-shirt campaign launched by actor Paul Blackthorne and footballer Aaron Ramsey, aiming to raise awareness on the Rhino poaching crisis. At the current rate of killing, Rhino will be globally extinct in ten years.


In May 2016 Jacob and Paul journeyed over to Vietnam with the charity Save The Rhino International  in the hope of understanding why Rhino Horn has become such a fashion in east asian cultures, and how we can prevent Rhino from becoming extinct.

A documentary of their trip, Jacob's directorial debut,  was released in March 2017. The film see's them going on undercover missions, meeting with the Vietnamese Government and coming face to face with some of the most endangered species on the planet.  

Reviews in: 

WWF- "Heart-Touching... Fantastic"

Eric Goode- "People need to watch this"

TenEighty- "Stunning!"

The Film Trailer can be watched below. For more information on the Rhino Poaching crisis and how you can help, visit:

"Save The Rhino Vietnam" (2017)

Run time (approx.) 22minutes

Produced by Paul Blackthorne

Directed by Paul Blackthorne and Jacob Dudman

Director of Photography John Phaneuf


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