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Rose Tinted (2022)

'Rose Tinted' was a music video for artist Jack Kane, directed by Dudman back in Dec 2021 at Peckham's 123 Studios. You can watch it here:

Butterflies (2022)

'Butterflies' was a music video for singer-songwriter Roger Perelló shot in Mar 2022. It was a collaboration with long time working partner, Lidia Huerta.

Karmic Yoga (2021)

'Karmic Yoga' is a to-be-released short film comedy project filmed in lockdown starring Elisha Applebaum and filmed on Jacob's own gear. 

The Buzzing Metropolis (2018)

This documentary looked into the relationship between Bee's and human beings, and explored how wildlife can thrive in London. 

Produced in association with University of the Arts.

Save The Rhino Vietnam (2016)

This documentary, co-directed with Paul Blackthorne, exposed the Rhino poaching crisis in Vietnam and the reasons why 90% of illegal Rhino horn passes through it. You can read more on this project here:

Hidden (2016)

'Hidden' was a short film about a boy struggling with his gender identity. It was produced by University of the Arts London in Jacob's 1st Year studying as a director.